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Positive Psychology and Cloud Computing:
New Horizons for Education

Plovdiv, 4-5 June 2018

A conference co-hosted by Plovdiv University, Municipality of Plovdiv and Center for Creative Training

The Plovdiv Municipality, Plovdiv University and the Center for Creative Training co-host an international conference themed “Positive Psychology and Cloud Computing: New Horizons for Education”, taking place in the town of Plovdiv on 4th and 5th of June, 2018.

This forum aims to offer more information on two of the most progressive trends in education, which offer a qualitative change leading to a better realisation of the youth.

The theme of the conference addresses both teachers’ needs – regarding avoidance of occupational burnout and the betterment of their efficiency and results in a stable environment – and the needs of the students – developing their skills and competences in tune with society’s needs and their personal realisation.

The conference invites teachers, directors, pedagogical counselors, psychologists, social educators and social workers, educational experts, university lecturers, students and PhD students, governmental representatives, local authorities and other stakeholders in the field.

House of Culture “Boris Hristov”
15, Gladston Str. Plovdiv,
4-5 June 2018

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